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Heelys Men’s Launch Fashion Sneaker

Slide or walk with this innovative sneaker from the company that pioneered the sneaker/skate hybrid shoe design. What are Heely’s? They’re shoes that roll! These one of a kind, powerful, lightweight athletic shoes feature a single, stealth wheel housed in the heel, allowing athletes of all skill levels to walk, run and transition to a roll at any moment. Roll into all situations, or simply remove the wheel and transform your Heely’s into a pair of fashionable street shoes!

  • Lace-up sneaker featuring padded collar and concealed wheel at the outsole


+ Heelys Launch (770869H) Skate Shoe - Men's Size 8 - Black Solid
+ Heelys Launch (770869H) Skate Shoe - Men's Size 8 - Black Solid Shoes are store display and has been handled/tried on by customers.Shoes do not come with wheels or plugs. Measurements:Length (Heel to Toe): 11"Insoles Length: 10.5"Width: 3.75" Size:US: 8UK: 7EU: 40.5
+ Heelys Launch (770869H) Skate Shoe - Men's Size 8 - Black Solid NEW!!
+ Heelys Launch (770869H) Skate Shoe - Men's Size 8 - Black Solid NEW!! Wheels, tool, and plug are all included with shoes.Shoes are new, see photos for condition.Please check measurements below to ensure fit. Measurements:Length (Heel to Toe): 11"Insoles Length: 10.5"Width: 3.75" Size:US: 8UK:...
Heelys Launch Shoes Men's US 9 Black Canvas New 770155
Heelys Launch Shoes Men's US 9 Black Canvas 770155. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Y2K Heelys Launch Black Canvas Shoes Brand new, never worn or rolled in Heelys size 9 men’s Comes with both wheels, both spin perfectly Both wheel slot covers, clicks in just as intended Launch model, style...
NEW Heelys Men's Size 9 Black Launch Skate Shoes Fashion Sneaker
NEW Heelys Men's Size 9 Black Launch Fashion Sneaker. Please see photos.
Heelys Men Launch 20 Wheeled Shoe 9 Black/Red
Brand New Heelys Men Launch 20 Wheeled Shoe Manufacturer model: LAUNCH-M 100% CanvasImportedRubber soleWheeled product Description Classic canvas Shipping and Handling Please allow 5-7 business days for the package to arrive, regardless of buyer location within the US. We will provide an online...


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// Specifications

  • 100% Canvas
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
Heelys Launch Roller Sneaker
released on March 7, 2015

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14 Reviews for Heelys Launch Roller Sneaker

  1. Isaac Stumbris

    This is the shoe of the gods

  2. tully

    I used them when I graduated from high school. I wheeled up when I grabbed my diploma. Thank you world.

  3. Levi

    I am a 19 year old male who had always wanted heelys when I was little. Now, I have a squad of friends with heelys after I mentioned how awesome it would be to “bring them back.” They’re just so much fun, and this style of heelys is very appealing to my particular age group. Almost everyone I know loves the style of shoes that Vans puts out, and these are very similar – they’re low profile, casual looking shoes that any teenager would like in terms of style. As for how they are to use, well… they’re shoes and work perfectly fine as regular shoes up until you put the wheels in them. At that point they turn into the bundle of fun they’re known to be. Anyone who has used heelys before knows that they’re a bit awkward to walk around in with the wheels in (but who needs walking, am I right?), and for those who are reading this and have never before used heelys: just buy them. You may have always wanted to and you may be looking at them as a “spur of the moment” buy, but they’re absolutely worth the joy they’ll bring you (or whomever you buy them for) even if it is short lived. On that note, even if the joy is short-lived, the shoes are very durable. They may sit in a closet when you’re done with them, but they’ll always be there for when you’re ready to get up and show everyone that the cool kid is back in town.(Yeah, yeah, I know plenty of people will look at you and think that you’re lame and acting like a child wearing heelys, but ask yourself this… While they’re living their own little judgmental lives and you’re enjoying rolling in circles past them like the majestic eagle that you are, who’s really having the time of their lives? You. You are. And don’t you forget it.)

  4. Carter M

    I have to be careful when wearing these in front of girls so I dont hydroplane.

  5. BeerMateo

    I’m a grown-ass man working a corporate job and I wear these babies…..at home. Just at home. Because I am too self-conscious to wear these in public. PLEASE BE BRAVE AND WEAR THEM IN PUBLIC FOR ME. FIGHT THE MAN! HEELY IN STYLE!

  6. Zabrix

    Nearly broke my ankle within the first 5 minutes, legs flew out from under me and I slid in to a wall. 10/10 would buy again.

  7. David Zimmerman

    Killer shoes. Got at least ten phone numbers in a day with these bad boys. Skrrt. Fit was a little too long but is slim which is nice. Super good quality!!!!

  8. MightyKron

    These were slightly on the small size but then it is always a bit of a lottery without being able to try them on first. They probably are a UK size 10 equivalent but just at the smaller end of the range whereas I am probably at the upper end.Shoes appear to be good quality and I’m looking forward to trying them out. Thank you for making them in my size (almost).

  9. Big Momma

    He loves them! Great gift.

  10. Rebekah V.

    Bought these a size up as some reviews said they come up small. They fit perfectly so I would suggest getting a size up.Impossible to get the hang of but will keep trying. No idea how my little sister does it!Look great though, nice to wear in general with the wheels out.Getting the wheels in and out requires a bit of force but all works great.Shipped in good time to the UK and came in a Heels shoe box.

  11. Mary

    Forty year old son loves them – local shopping mall not so much!!

  12. Mike K

    Brilliant value and lovely looking would recommend

  13. Ben

    As a young child I really wanted a pair of heelies when the company was in its prime. My parents didn’t think that would be a good purchase and our relationship hasn’t been the same since.So I, an 18 year old high school student, used my own money in an impulse buy on a particularly angsty day, to purchase this symbol of surmounting my childhood demons. So that’s what drove me to buy these and with that said, here’s what I thought:I love them. There’s definitely a learning curve but don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t come automatically. Evolution never planned for the perversion of nature that is putting wheels on your feel. So when you take that into account it doesn’t really take that much practice to get used to them.I feel like after a few weeks I’ve got an average grasp of how to use them and I can easily escape my feelies at a moments notice.If you want to use your heelies for anything other than escaping your feelies then I’m sure they work just fine but as I’ve never personally used them for anything else, I don’t feel qualified to speak to that.I do find that the build quality/design is solid, with the laces tied tight it might feel like they’re too loose but they’re actually fine and it doesn’t affect their use.Would not recommend wearing these as your primary pair of shoes. I wore them to school every day for a week and by Friday it hurt to walk. They have very little in the way of support and after wearing them long enough you can feel the hard patch above the place where the wheel fits. It hits your heel every time you step but it’s only noticeable on about day 4 of consecutive wear.Everyone who notices you wearing them will go “dude are you wearing heelies? Haha man that’s so dope; I remember when I used to have a pair” verbatim. Every. Time., Guaranteed.It’s really easy to pop the wheels in and out if you’ve got the tool with you and I’ve successfully used a hacksaw blade (long story) and now a screwdriver to remove them once I lost the “official” tool. They really are very versatile and so if it’s just for one or two days you can wear them out and spontaneously surprise everyone by putting your wheels in and rolling away in the span of 10 seconds.I got the all black pair which is kinda ugly but I didnt want a big logo to kill the element of surprise. They definitely blend in pretty well and if you color the logo black nobody will ever know until it’s far too late.As an added bonus: in order to fit the wheel housing the sole is an inch and a half thick. This could bump you up just enough to get on that one ride you’re too short for or give you juuuuust enough height to reach that pesky top shelf. You actually can’t tell the heel is that thick from the outside which is cool.10/10 would recommend, this is one of the only purchases I’ve ever made that I didn’t regret once it arrived. They are exactly what I expected and I have no real complaints. The only issue that actually affected me is that since you need to tie them tight you can’t just leave them tied all the time and slip your feet into them when it’s time to go. The material inside the heel is kind of weak and I folded mine when I tried and it dug into my heel for a while but I realized I could just bend it back. If you untie your shoes every time you take them off (first of all look at you go, where do you get all that energy and motivation?) then this won’t be a problem for you but if you like to just push on your shoes get ready for a major lifestyle change.Again 10/10, I didn’t regret it and if you’re the kind of person who’s looking at heelies on amazon I think you’ve already proved you won’t either.

  14. Rachel king

    Christmas present for 18yo boy. Last had a pair 10 years ago. Loves them, look good, work well and wasn’t expecting ‘toys’ at this age. 😊

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Heelys Launch Roller Sneaker