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Koowheel Hovershoes – Koowheel Electric Roller Skates

Koowheel Hovershoes are a combination of skateboard, hoverboard, and roller skates. The self-balancing electric hover skate can auto-level itself for a better ride. Technology so advanced, it’s simple. Once you learn how to ride, it becomes second nature.

  • NEWEST TECHNOLOGY – With a dual footboard that uses a self balancing technology, YDS electric roller skate is a step forwards in the concept of transportation; it combines the fun of a skateboard with the practicality of a self balancing electric scooters with automatic balancing.
  • PORTABLE AND EASY to OPERATE – This self balancing scooter only weights 3.3kg/each. NO REMOTE NEEDED, playing by keeping balance, You can take it to anywhere you want.
  • QUICK CHARGE TIME – Each unit contains a 250-watt brushless motor that propels its pair of 3.5″ wheels. The textured non-slip footplates provide confident footing and can support from 22 to 286 lbs.It takes 2-3h to get a full charge and has a 10km range.
  • PERFECT GIFT – Different from other self balancing hover board, YDS electric self balancing hovershoes is simpler and more funny! The move forwards, backwards, turn and stop functions are controlled by gentle and balanced movements on the footboards. Very easy to use, easy to control and incredibly fun, You can release yourself, set any free posture you want, like STANDING UPRIGHT, SKATING And DANCING!!!
  • BEYOND THE PRODUCT – SHIPPED FROM CA – To ensure you safety, our products have pasted UL2272 safety and electric test with our patented multi-layered protection. Any issue just feel free to contact us. 1 year limited warranty covers parts and labor from the manufacturer?

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Koowheel newest electric skates hovershoes X1 stock in usa
Koowheel newest electric skates hovershoes X1 stock in usa



ColorUS Plug
Assembled Product Weight17.95 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)12.99 x 12.20 x 9.45 Inches
Electric Roller Skate Hover Board
released on October 30, 2018




13 Reviews for Electric Roller Skate Hover Board

  1. James Y.

     I Love itIt’s “Wow” product, the real “Hover” shoes, I must say, it’s much easier to ride than I thought, One thing I love a lot is it’s so light and easy to carry to anywhere, even can put it in your backpack !

  2. Paco

    Wonderful hoverboard! It was shipped quickly after ordered. We’ve had this for a few days now but so far and it is pretty cool. Different from others hoverboard, this electric roller skate (they call it “hovershoes”) is very easy to use, no need to connect to any bluetooth or mobile device. It’s more fun that my feet can swag with limitless freedom.Highly recommend this brand and hoverboard.

  3. Jack Chu

     These hover shoes work quite similar to the way hoverboards work and they’re more flexible as the user can move two legs individually. These are easy to learn for anyone who has experience with and without hoverboards. Experienced users should be able to start moving around freely in a short time and new users should be able to start basic movements with a friend’s help (getting on/off is probably the most challenging step for new users).I have tried riding the hover shoes on flat surfaces and they do work well. I like that the built-in smart self-balancing technology makes it easy to get on/off and safety features such as alarm and auto-stop kick in automatically when the hover shoes are flipped. Charging time is about 2-3 hours with the included charger. The hover shoes are able to go up to 10km range per charge and max speed is 12km/h.

  4. Pete

    5 months later these hover shoes are still going strong and have not caught fire!! the hardest part about learning to use them is that people tend to start slowly rolling backwards unless you distribute you weight toward your toes.——————————————————- 5 months ago I wrote ————– if you don’t ski, ice skate, skateboard, or inline skate you will need to learn how to balance yourself and keep these hover skates under you. the easiest approach is to borrow grandpas walker or rollator and hold on for dear life while you give you lower leg/ankle a workout and learn how to balance on these beauties.

  5. Thomas Martinez

    Really like these hover shoes. If you can ride a hoverboard you can do this. Requires some getting used to but once you do they are well worth it. Best on mostly flat surfaces

  6. Mikey

    I had an issue with on of my skates. It turns out it was probably operator error. MixMart responded with what to do in less than 24 hours. From the timing of the email I think they responded right after they got to work that day. Excellent service.

  7. Kim

    It’s a gift for my husband. It is so fun and very easy to control. He just loved it. Such a cool stuff when he skate on it. Well manufacture. Less price.

  8. oliviababy

    This hovering shoe is a creative design that is more flexible than traditional skates. With the gentle and balanced movement on the pedals, it is very easy to control the device forward, backward, turn and stop. I can carry it with me. I think these boots are suitable for a variety of occasions, and there are LED lights, even if you don’t have a coach, you can easily learn. Start quickly in a few minutes. If you are looking for an electric skateboard that can give you control, then this is the good choice.

  9. Fabio Xavier Guedes

     After 6 months one of the hovershoes stopped working, just do not care anymore. I tried to contact the manufacturer without success. I would at least send a manual on how I can open the equipment to try to fix it.

  10. Batchow

    Although skates didn’t work out, customer service was super with the return process!!!

  11. joendebhewitt

    These are fantastic! We love these!

  12. Travis

    I loved the whole experience

  13. WhyDoINeedAPenName

    These are very fun. I ride them around the house while I clean. I zoom between rooms, go backwards, spin, etc. My father in his late 70s was able to ride them. They feel hefty They are great for indoor use, probably not great on anything but the smoothest pavement.

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