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Epson is a technology company that is best known for their printers. Epson was started in 1942, and is best known in wearable technology for their Sleepsonic speaker pillows.

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  • […] announced the Moverio BT-200 a while back but, until now, it was more or less a ghost, a specter of a gadget that may or may not […]

  • […] Epson has long touted the second generation of their Moverio glasses as the second coming of Android-based VR glasses. However, time passed as it often does and there was no actual sign of these sweet specs. More time passed and still nothing. Well, the wait is over. The Moverio 2.0 is finally available, however only for customers who preordered the thing many moons ago. The BT-200, as they are called in their original Latin, brings the usual accoutrements to the table, such as being able to film video, take pictures, read text messages and participate in all manner of app. […]


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