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Findtime Men Digital USB Cigarette Lighter Watch Novelty Windproof

Leave your lighter at home with this all in one windproof lighter watch!

  • Environmentally friendly, without gas, but is USB rechargeable, The watch can charge through the USB interface by a charging cable
  • Having this watch means you can empty out your pockets and leave that lighter at home, as one lighter is built into the watch
  • Watch cigarette lighter is comfortable to wear, it is a ideal present for your friends, the package is good for gift
  • Please Notice: the small dials on the watch is only for decoration , they do not work
  • Contains: 1*USB lighter watch, 1*USB Charging Cable, 1*Watch Box, very good packaging


Mens Military Electric Lighter Watch Cigarette Rechargeable Wristwatch USB

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Mens Military Electric Lighter Watch Cigarette Rechargeable Wristwatch USB

Aristocrat Lighter Watch The Aristocrat Lighter Watch features a trendy oversized large bezel and a stylish faux leather strap. The watch face clicks to the side to reveal the lighter coils, capable of lighting any cigarette or cigar. Rechargeable build in lithium...

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Outdoor Rechargeable Windproof Men's USB Gift Flameless Lighter C-igarette Watch Normal07.8 磅02falsefalsefalseMicrosoftInternetExplorer4Description:Features:Windproof Lighter - Light cigarettes in all weather conditions.USB Charged - Easily charged at your desk, in...


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8 Reviews for Cigarette Flameless Lighter Watch

  1. Cody

    I’ve had the watch for 3 weeks meow and it is still in great condition! Even with me working a factory job and smacking it on literally everything. After testing how long it held a charge, I got an average of 3 days with me smoking about 15 cigarettes a day, so I was pleasantly surprised! It is a bit bulky and catches my jacket sleeves with ease, but the dial doesn’t move easily so no need to worry. I got over the sleeves catching after the first couple days, so nothing major there. The smaller fake dials in the center of the watch however are an issue for me because the hands are the same silver color, so even in good factory lighting it’s hard to make out the hands of the watch majority of the time. I don’t really care myself too much because I just wanted the windproof lighter, which lights quickly, but if you’re wanting to use the watch too, maybe try something else. Reactions from people seeing me light a cigarette with it are well worth the little amount of money. It would also make a nice little gift for others as well!

  2. Ryder_The_Chiweenie

    Bought for my hubster as an anniversary/practical but unique gift. He absolutely adored this watch. He was in the market for a new watch & being a home improvement contractor he tends to beat up on his watches therefore I bought him this one for work and a nicer one for when going out socially. He was so damn excited about this watch & swore I just turned him into MacGyver or some shit! The only draw back he’s mentioned is that the face of the watch opens due to his line of work & is afraid it may catch something on fire. Otherwise this is a sharp looking watch that functions beautifully & for the price we couldn’t be happier with it. Just a heads up maybe not the best watch to wear when intoxicated or in a flammable situation.

  3. Logan R

    It’s a nifty little toy. I ended up giving it to my stoner friend because I quit smoking and my juul doesn’t need to be lit but it was a fun party trick. Sorta uncomfortable band but for what it is it wasn’t too bulky, it was actually slimmer than I expected. Not a low profile by any means, but slimmer than I expected. If I still smoked I’d buy it again.

  4. Evan n steph

    WOWZERS! I wasn’t expecting much but I went with the top rated lighter watch after a half hour of looking at different ones and reading reviews and Q n A. The band looks like leather but it is rubber, which is actually better for some reason. Works all day for me and I smoke more than a pack a day. I am a new construction commercial plumber, so it gets beat up all day long with sand and dirt packed in it and never has let me down yet.have had it for a week now and coupled with my auto eject cig case, I can now get out a smoke and light it up all with one hand, which having just a single hand free is sometimes difficult, let alone having two. So not only fulfilled my purpose and impressed me with the quality of it all around, but it definitely catches other peoples attention for sure. SIX OUT OF FIVE STARS. An extra star just because it seems to be very well made, which was not expected

  5. Dylkuzzi

    Have you ever heard the phrase, “It runs like clockwork”?This phrase was coined for the meticulous attention to detail involved in building a clock. Every second on a clock must be EXACT or else, well, it fails the one job it was designed to do.This watch is behind a fraction of a second a minute, but that time adds up. In a course of an hour, the watch was 8 minutes behind. Mind you, I had fully charged it. I can’t even forgive ’em because of the low cost. If it cannot accurately tell time, it is unworthy of being a watch.I wont even go over how impressively sturdy it feels or the sleak leather wrist strap. A broken clock is at least right twice a day. A delayed clock is NEVER right.

  6. Tepper S

    Here’s where I made a mistake I didn’t open the package this watch came in right away gave it to my friend as a present open it to set the time pin came loose and fell on the floor needless to say cannot find it to late to return it my fault I won’t make that one again all is not lost the lighter works find

  7. Tiffani Moore

    It’s not as good as the last watch I had (same brand, different seller), but it does the job. Sometimes doesn’t light cigarettes but I mean for what I paid for it, it’s okay.Edit: customer service from this shop is exceptional. They offered to replace my watch for free, after assuring that it worked perfectly. I declined their offer because my watch started working normally after a full charge. Great people and decent product.

  8. Di Woo

    Did a great job, held charge longer than expected. Very lowkey product, many of my friends did not notice this and nobody in my family did. You may notice a difference between regular watches and this since it is a tad taller to house the coil and battery, but the average will not. This holds smell so that is why it did not get 5 stars. I had to spray it down often. Worked for lighting cigarettes, my pipe, and even my joints.

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Cigarette Flame Lighter Watch

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