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A simple ring to monitor your body temperature. The ring uses heat responsive technology to display your current body temperature and does not require batteries.



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8 reviews for Temperature Monitor Ring

  1. IsThisYourHomeworkLarry

    I wanted a ring that wasn’t your typical gold or white gold and this ring is what I went with. The ring looks great, however originally what I thought was 5 stars is now 3 because this ring will easily lose its blue color if banged or scratched. If you are active then this might not be a good ring for you. My ring already has several silver spots where the blue no longer is and is continuing to come off and I haven’t even had the ring that long.I contacted the company who said they never heard of the issue, yet their is another review saying the same thing.For a titanium ring that says scratch resistant, it sure isn’t.They did give me a replacement which I appreciate. I just won’t be able to wear the new one except while out when I’m not doing much.

  2. KathyH

    I love this blue ring. It changes colors depending on the light. Inside the color is dark, almost navy blue. In brighter lights, though, the blue really pops. The ring is easy to clean – just swipe it with a cloth (or your sleeve, lol) and it’s returns to being super shiny.The only question I have is how long the ion plating will last. I’ve done research high and low on the web and can’t find any clear answers to set expectations (and this isn’t a reflection on King Will but on ion plated jewelry in general). I can say I have another blue ring style, also from King Will, that is months old and has zero scratches. So for all I know, the plating could last for years, which I hope it does. Despite the uncertainty, I love blue tungsten rings so much it was worth a purchase to try it. And so far I’ve got nothing but good things to say.

  3. Going Gazelle

    Gorgeous ring. The blue is almost magical in that the reflective qualities look darker when you’re wearing darker blue shirts and lighter when you’re wearing light blue. Comfort fit lives up to it’s name. Takes wear and tear well without scratching.At this price point you can afford multiple colors to coordinate with your wedding ring to match your outfit.I’ve been very happy with all the King Will rings I’ve purchased.

  4. Shawn Arun Thomas

    Awesome color. Dark blue, mirror finish – reminds me of the blue face plate you could get in HALO: Reach. Looked really cool, felt alright at first. After a while, my hand started aching. I think it was a bit too wide? The base of my finger shrinks/swells to frequently, maybe. It hurt to close my fingers together. Also, this thing is pretty heavy, so that may have been an issue, too. I do a lot of typing and working with my hands – I was constantly conscious of it being on my hand.So, I took it off. Then, of course, I ended up losing it. My wedding band. Not a big deal. Thinking about getting a silicone ring so I don’t have to fear losing a finger or any more hand ache.

  5. danyielle s proctor

    This ring is gorgeous! My husband and I decided to buy temporary wedding rings until we settle on our permanent ones. I love blue and this is stunning to me. I’ve gotten compliments and it’s comfy. I’m a seven and so I went true to size, it is a tad big but it stays on. I have thin fingers so it’ll slide up and down but never made me worry. I settled on a custom saphire and diamond ring, but the simple blue band of this ring really makes me just want to wear it all the time. I’m an artist and I don’t have to worry about getting paint in tiny crevices or ruining an expensive diamond ring, but at the same time I can proudly wear my little reminder of our marriage. I think this ring is perfect as a wedding ring or as a work ring. I like the thicker band too, over the thin one. For the price it’s amazing. I have banged it on cement when getting up and there were no scratches. It’s survived the abuse of a pregnant, messy, heavy handed, clumsy artist easily.

  6. David F.

    This is a fine fitting ring. I got it at Size 12 and it fit fine. It looks and feels great. It does not really change temperature unless you remove it and place it on a non-human warm surface.

  7. James42

    Looks nice. Temperature readings are not accurate. Finger isn’t a good location. But it looks nice.Not recommended for use as a temperature monitor

  8. rhoffa

    I got this in the mail today. It fits perfectly (size 11) and the numbers are viewable, but does not distract from the appearance. Nice ring I would recommend.

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