RICOVO Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights

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RICOVO Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights
RICOVO Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights
RICOVO Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights


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  • At amzn.to you can purchase RICOVO Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights for only $13.99, which is 58% less than the cost in eBay ($32.98).
  • The lowest price of LED Shoes Lights for Night Runner, Running Lights for Runners,Night Trek Shoe was obtained on March 18, 2020 5:24 am.

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3 reviews for RICOVO Shoe Lights LED Safety Lights

  1. Terrie B

    I love these shoe clips. I walk early in the morning and sometimes it’s not quite light enough to call it “dawn” so I wear these on my shoes and they are the brightest lights I’ve ever owned for running/walking. I bought the green. I had one slight issue that was remedied immediately by the seller. Great customer service. I plan to buy in the other colors as well. What I love about these is they are USB rechargeable. Love, love, love these.

  2. Versatilias

    i usually go jogging around my apartment after work and i’ve seen quite a few things ppl buy to light themselves up to be safe. after looking at these safety lights for shoes… i thought i’d try it out. it just snaps easily onto the shoes and the lights are really visible at night! i haven’t had it fall off my shoes yet either. i bought the red ones because i think red gives more of an alarm to people than green and blue would. i think people are used to seeing red as danger or stop. at least, that how i feel about it.

  3. waww

    This was not an item I was looking for. Sometimes my 8 year old son likes to get on my computer and search Amazon for Fortnite stuff. Somehow he came across these. He begged for them and I thought they looked pretty cool, so I ordered them. We ordered the blue color. These are great. They are very bright, easy to turn on, and hold a charge for quite awhile. When my son initially got them out of the box, he didn’t think they would stay on the back of his shoes. They stay with no problem. He wears a kid size 4.5 wide shoe. I do need to point out that we did not buy these for jogging purposes, so I don’t know how they will hold up to that. However, the kids in our neighborhood get together lots at night and play hide and seek. Every time they do, my son runs in to get these lights. He also likes to wear them at night when he’s riding his bike. They are bright and show up well. These do come with a charger and so far, he has only had to charge them once. I’m beyond impressed at this point and hope these continue to hold up well. These might be birthday presents for his friends in the future.

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