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OneTigris Dog Backpack Nylon Dog Harness Backpack with Side Pockets for Hiking Camping Walking Travelling Daily Use.



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9 reviews for OneTigris Dog Backpack

  1. KRM

    This is a nice pack. Fits good on my 1-year-old German Shepherd. Unfortunately, she overheated in it on a 68 degree (humid) day in Chicago area in May. She’ll only be able to wear this pack in the Fall/Winter. If it were designed with mesh or had breathable holes, it might work better for summertime temperatures.

  2. Hiphopanonymous

    So far so good. Took a 17 mile hike with my dog through the white mountains in NH while he wore this pack – stayed on him well. Only real problem I’ve had is that because my dog likes to run around in the woods while I hike – a couple of times now (over the course of about 30 miles of hiking so it’s not a huge issue) one of the pull cords got caught around a tree and and he got stuck. So I’ve decided to try and tuck the cords in. Seems durable enough to me – my dog certainly puts it through the wringer when were in the woods (rarely does he stick to just the trail) – has splashed in plenty of water (it’s not waterproof so if you put food in the pouches unprotected the food will get wet). I haven’t really found a good use for putting stuff in with the pull cords. I tried putting a liter of water in each but one would always fall out. There is plenty of room in the pouches for a liter of water so I’ve just resorted to sticking them in the pouches. I do think it makes you’re dog look like more of a badass. Rarely do I encounter people who are afraid of my dog – however I did run into one woman who was clearly terrified of my dog – never seen that before.

  3. luis inamagua

    This looks great on my pit its stays on nicely however make sure you keep the weight it holds even on its pockets cause if not the thing will tend to slide to the side with the most weight also if you buy it make sure it matches your dogs fur as it will be full of ur furbabies fur my pit is brown and i bought the black version so his fur is easily noticable on it but thats no deal breaker at all it hold alot as the pockets are big enough for a small bowl his snack his ball his doggybags and when im lazy my phone and keys lol and also has a large handle on the top in case you need to grab you dog quickly from danger also if you like the whole badass military tactical dog look this is def a must however it may make your furbaby look intimidating which on my pit leaves new people we meet nervous to get close to but once you tell em hes just a big softy its all good

  4. ???

    My dog and I love this backpack!! My 60 lbs pitbull MaSiWei is very hyper when we go for walks and he tends to get overwhelmed by his surroundings, but when I put his backpack on him he calms down and stays by my side. this backpack is very sturdy and is made from super good fabric. I like that I can fit about 2 water bottles in each of the side pockets and still have room to put all my stuff in it! my dog loves that he has a job to do when he wears this backpack and he thinks he’s really cool lol 😂

  5. Kelli Montano

    This bag is so easy to use. My dog can still run, sit, and shake with it. I still use her collar to put the leash on. But it’s durable and sturdy (as long as you try to balance both sides evenly) just got it yesterday but took it out on a 4 mile bike trail with my dog running besides me. we both love it

  6. Matthew Noel

    Great and sturdy, seems like. Adjustable straps slip, however, and have to be literally tied in place.

  7. Heather

    Our 1 and 1/2 year old 80lb Belgian Malinois (Maligator) loves his new hiking pack. Just look how happy he is! It has plenty of room for your stuff and his stuff for walks, runs, and hikes in the huge zippered pouches, and room for the water bottles. Product quality looks good, and feels good. It also fits our dog well, and is easy to fit your dog into with a few adjustments to a couple of straps. I would highly recommend to anyone with a dog that is active. Thanks for such a great product!

  8. Ken Lord

    It’s a great pack, but has a couple omissions that would make it better.Reflectives would be better, or at least a variant with integrated reflectives.Also, a front loop for the leash would also be handy.Overall, it’s really durable, spreads the weight evenly with no pressure points, and keeps water out of the zippered pockets reasonably well, but it’s not good for walks that extend into the night, and absent the front loop, not great for dogs who might need a little more guidance.

  9. PreachersWife

    Fit is not quite right (slightly too big), even though I measured my dog according to instructions. The straps cannot be adjusted quite small enough to be snug on my slender, almost 60 pound dog. There does not seem to be a smaller size available, so I will just make due as best I can. This seems very well made and sturdy. Other packs were so thin that once her brush poked through and made a sore on her back. This pack is thick enough that this should not be a problem. My favorite part is that it is easy to get on and off. My biggest complaint with other packs is that they are very complicated and take forever to get on and off. Typically we walk to the dog park and once there, my dog is pretty excited to get free and run. Other packs take too long to get her out of, and caused a lot of frustration for both of us. No real problem here!

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