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mSafety™ – Remote monitoring using wearable platform from Sony

mSafety from Sony combines a wearable device that displays data to the user, with a solid back-end solution that provides real-time information to Sony’s partners. What differentiates the mSafety offering from other connected wearable solutions on the market today is that it’s not a consumer product, but rather a B2B platform upon which customers can create their own applications, taking advantage of the high-quality communication, functionality and security that Sony offers.

Services built on mSafety provide a reliable way of monitoring the elderly, people with chronic health conditions or solitary workers in hazardous occupations. In addition, mSafety applications can be used to make pharmaceutical/ clinical trials more effective, or to speed up search & rescue organizations picking up people in distress.

Leveraging IoT connectivity, mSafety reduces technical complexity and increases the safety and freedom of end users, while delivering valuable data to the companies that deploy it.

Take the next step in proactive healthcare using remote monitoring, enhanced with higher level security and integrity!

Learn about connectivity as a service, easy fleet management and additional functionality at

Or join the free WT | Studio webinar about mSafety from Sony: Why is Sony´s Remote Monitoring Platform Unique?

Photo credit: mSafety, Sony Network Communications EuropePhoto credit: mSafety, Sony Network Communications Europe

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