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Light Up Face Mask

This LED mask features an endless variety of colors and display modes to choose from. You’ll always have the perfect setting to match your outfit and the mood of the occasion. Light modes include monochrome, flash, gradual, smooth, and polychromatic. Simply select your color and mode and get ready to vibe.

  • Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric
  • 7 GLOWING COLORS AND 5 LIGHT MODES: This LED rave mask features 7 colors and 5 different display modes for an endless variety of looks. Each vibrant color can be paired with one of the 5 modes: monochrome, flash, gradual, smooth, and polychromatic.
  • GET UP TO 10 HOURS OF USE PER CHARGE: Your dance moves will likely fade out before your light up face mask does. Each 3 hour USB charge is good for up to 10 hours of LED performance. So your cool rave glow mask will stay lit up all night long.
  • SAFE AND BREATHABLE: Our soft LED face mask covers your nose and mouth comfortably while allowing air to flow easily through the fabric. It’s made of high-quality breathable fiber and luminous fabric. And it doesn’t give off any heat or radiation.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Don’t worry if it starts to rain at the festival, or while you’re bar-hopping in the city. This LED mask is durable and waterproof, so it won’t get ruined or cause any kind of shock. And it washes clean with a wet cloth.
  • AN ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY FOR THE RAVER: Enhance your rave, festival, dance party & disco outfit with this high-quality LED mask. You’ll draw lots of attention as you groove and vibe at your favorite events. A great way to stand out from the crowd
  • Humanized Design: Super wide and comfortable elastic straps can be adjusted to fit, comfortable for wearing!



Halloween LED LIGHT UP FACE COVER Flashing lights with sounds activated

LED LIGHT UP FACE COVER Flashing lights . Condition is New with tags.

LED Face Mask USB Rechargeable 7 Color Fiber Optic Glowing Led Light UP US Ship

***Same Day Shipping*** by 3 pm EST Business Days (Monday – Friday) In Stock & Ready to Ship from Florida!Free Returns for 30 days Package Included:1 LED Flashing Mask1 USB Cable1 PM2.5 Filter1 Transparent Zipper Bag Luminous Color Gear Mode:1.Red Light2.Green...

LED Light Up Face Mask 7 Colors Filter Glitter Bling Rechargeable Glowing Mask

Product Features: LED Face Mask: light up face mask to keep you cool on the new normal7-in-1 Mask: 7 different colors and 4 light up modes so you match your mask with your outfitEasy to breathe and comfortable: the mouth cover is made of high-quality optical fiber...

LED Christmas Light Up Face Mask 7 Colors Filter Glitter Bling Rechargeable Glow

Product Features: Christmas LED Face Mask: light-up face mask to keep you festive and safe on Christmas time7-in-1: 5 different colors and 2 light-up modes so you match your mask with your outfitEasy to breathe and comfortable: the mouth cover is made of high-quality...

4 Modes Light Up Mask Face Mask Voice-activated LED Glow Christmas Party Mask US

Description: 1. Fabric: Optical fiber luminous fabric 2. Dimensions: height 14cm*width 22cm, packaging weight 50 grams (including USB cable) 3. Battery capacity: 200mAh (certified CE/UN38.3/FCC) 4. Battery life: 2 to 3 hours 5. Charging time: 1 hour full 6. Wearing...


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21 Reviews for LED Light up Face Mask

  1. Emely

     This is my FAVORITE purchase from sojourners thus far!! So comfortable, breathable, and fun! Only thing I would critique is maybe hide the button, which controls the colors, more. Delivery was super fast too. Amazing item!!!

  2. Heather Adams

    Great item. Seems well made.

  3. Kiyra

     This mask is incredible. It has so many different colors and variations, and the colors are so bright! The button to change colors is relatively small and not in the way. It fits on my face comfortably.I cannot wait for this quarantine to be over so I can wear this at my next festival! I might just wear it next time I have to go to the grocery store just to amuse people and keep the germs away at the same time.

  4. Eric Stanley

    Actually super awesome, especially with all this COVID19 madness going around. Protects you while keeping light of the situation and getting some laughs from this uptight environment we’re in.

  5. Kira Hansel

    This mask is amazing! The colors are super vibrant and being able to change the different light modes is awesome. Amazing quality. Highly recommend!! I can’t wait to wear this to my next show/ festival.

  6. Julie Boring

    Very uncomfortable. No nose bridge wire to make a better fit. Very little room for your nose with all the lights, wires and parts inside the mask. However…it is really cool looking and does pace beautiful colors and multiple settings.

  7. John Wallace

     So i purchased this mask because its fun. I wear it occasionally to bring a smile to patients. its front heavy so would not be good for any extended use. Although its not a true medical mask, neither is what the majority of what people are wearing now a days. Im sure it provides as good of coverage as any home made or etsy mask however is fun. Love the different settings.Fun, not functional.

  8. AHN1974

    Love this LED Light Up Mask!

  9. Jack M

    This mask is a really unique way to cover yourself to promote social distancing. I like that it is usb rechargeable and you are able to select one static color or several rotating color options. I also like that it can be worn with the light off altogether as an option. It feels very secure with the adjustable neck strap as well as ear loops. I certainly get compliments everywhere I go.

  10. Blu Belle

    I have a pretty small face so this thing is too bulky, not for use as a covid mask since you cant really breathe through it very well but if you want to look cool it does the trick. The led is mostly on the perimeter of the mask and down the middle the rest of the fiber doesn’t really carry the light through it efficiently enough to impress me maybe in a really dark room but otherwise its kinda mediocre. the colors are great and the fade is nice, the blinking is annoying to me.I dont like the shape much as I said I have a small face so it sits pretty high and if I talk it scoots up to my eyes and I have to pull it down. if there were a wire on top to shape it to my nose it would be better it just sits bulky

  11. Scoop

    Would have given this a 5 star review except it doesn’t deliver on all aspects.This is an awesome mask for children. I know this will not fit the average adult. I am 5ft 100lbs and fairly petite. When I need clothing, medical devices, etc. I need to buy children’s sizes most times. In fact, doctors give me child sized devices after surgery. This mask barely fit me and it is tight. So loses one star for not being OSFA (one size fits all), which almost all other masks do.No washing instructions are included so taking a star for that. Wouldn’t take this star except for the fact that the battery pack is sewn inside the mask with no way of removing and the button you press to change the color of lighting is also sewn to the mask. Why did they not include washing instructions? We need to make sure that our masks can be cleaned and still work effectively….instructions are crucial.Otherwise, this mask is fun and functional. I love that it not only has ear straps but also a, clasped, behind the head strap. My granddaughter and grandson think the lights are great and the many adults I’ve shown it to love that part as well, but are disappointed that they can’t buy one because it surely won’t fit them.

  12. Andre Coleman

    Very disappointed in this product…..wait….I’m extremely disappointed in this product. Here is why:1. I plugged to charge and continuously blinked red for 24 hours! It never stopped nor did it change to green to let me know charge was complete.2. Ok, so I assume charge should be complete for that long so I unplug charger and put on to wear in public and guess what only 20 minutes of actual work time. That’s it just 20 minutes. Very embarrassing to be right in a compliment from a person in a store and it quits working.3. I repeat the process exactly like the directions say and 20 minutes is all this musters up.4. No need to send back because who is going to accept during COVID-19 and me having it on my face breathing into it.5. Found exact same product that had better packaging and all labeled parts along with charging like it should right out of box with indicator to let you know charge is complete. Plus other product latest hours before next charge.Thanks but this just wasn’t it

  13. Nicole

     Loved it! Really festive! Light weight. Breathable. Had multiple settings. Perfect for parties, music festivals, theme parks. I can’t wait to take it everywhere!

  14. Mrs. Covarrubias

    It’s a really cool light mask. It’s pretty thick. If u want a lighted up mask. Then u will like this product. Alot of colors & blinks slow & fast. Or keeps one color on.

  15. Happy

    Due to the large block placed inside the mask itself the fit is uncomfortable. The lights work as advertised and the many different settings are really cool. The idea of the mask is perfect for a dance or rave event, but the long term wear isn’t likely. If your looking to wear for COVID-19 protection I doubt you could wear more than short intervals at a time.

  16. mistys

    I just love these masks, this is my 2nd one and bought one for my cousin. The colors are bright, it is a very comfortable mask, not heavy, safe, entertainindrg, everyone will comment and now my husband wants one for his Office Landlord!! He is a Dr and pretty cool if a Dr. is wanting to give theme to special friends.

  17. Telisa Castile

    I love it! I can coordinate with all of my fashions.

  18. Zoe sanabrIa

    Did not work for me. Hooked up to charge and never charged. Blinked couple times and then did not turn on.

  19. M.T.C

    Not so good, the mechanisms inside are visible through the mask creating an uneven light

  20. Kevin Hickey

    Amazing new colors amazing fit showstopper!

  21. Brian zarett

    Better then expected lights up great easy to use and chargeFit is perfect definitely recommend

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LED Light up Face Mask