Party Light-Up Glasses

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Wire Neon Rave Glasses Glow


Wire Neon Rave Glasses Glow
Wire Neon Rave Glasses Glow
Wire Neon Rave Glasses Glow


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3 reviews for Party Light-Up Glasses

  1. Imtm

    I’ll never be me again. I’m the LED me now: an unknown dude who moves in the night with the coolest shades around. The light is bright with these, and I can be a million different people behind the lenses. These guys are strong plastic, but not as strong as my enigmatic spirit! Be you any you that you wish to be, and add some LED sexiness to the you that parties in the dark. I did.

  2. Scott Griffin

    BONUS TIP: POP OUT THE PLASTIC LENSES!Great glasses, but they have a major design flaw in the hinge.I’ve gone through three pair so far because they stop turning on after you bend the side part down too many times.The battery ringing doesn’t matter because I leave the control in my pocket because the cord reaches up to my face and it’s easy to reach in my pocket to click the button. That’s why it has a clip! The glasses themselves don’t actually put out a ringing noise.Also, you can’t even see the light when wearing them! These are my favorite glasses so far, but I wish they could improve the hinge performance.

  3. Virginia Techy

    This is one really well-made item! First, I was very impressed with how thick and strong it was. I was a little suspicious that it would be thin plastic, crappy lighting, or overall a disappointment. Fortunately, none of that was true!First, the material itself is first class! The glasses are nice and thick which makes the glasses fit comfortably and securely on your head.Second, the controller has a nice long wire (pretty much invisible at night) so you can hold the controller to push the button and go from Off, to Flashing, to Blinking, to Steady, to off (I think that’s the order). This worked flawlessly every time I needed it to. The click of the button is deliberate and solid so you always know (even if you don’t notice what your glasses are doing) with each click.Finally, I wear regular glasses and these fit perfectly over them. Even the very first time I put them on I didn’t have to try to set up anything special to get them to fit and to not interfere with my prescription glasses.Oh, one more…the price is EXCELLENT for an item you’re going to be able to use year after year after year!

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