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  • This product is available at eBay, Walmart, Amazon.com, Bestbuy.
  • At ebay.com you can purchase New Wahoo Fitness TICKR Bluetooth and Ant+ Heart Rate Strap Black for only $49.95, which is 38% less than the cost in Amazon.com ($79.99).
  • The lowest price of Wahoo TICKR FIT Heart Rate Monitor Armband, Bluetooth/ANT+ was obtained on February 21, 2020 1:36 pm.

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3 reviews for Wahoo TICKR FIT

  1. HT

    I am an avid cyclist who has used chest straps with electrode paste for years. This product pairs instantly with Garmin and Peloton and iPhone apps. Accurate, stays in place, comfortable. Rechargeable, long battery life. What’s not to like? I won’t be going back to the chest strap.

  2. Dr_LHA

    I ordered this after another HR chest strap broke on me. I always have the same issue with them, eventually they fail because sweat gets inside them. What made me try the TICKR FIT this was the following: 1) It’s a sealed unit, less likely for sweat to get into it. 2) The battery life compared to the Scosche Rhythm+ (the Rhythm 24 wasn’t available when I ordered it). 3) My overall good experiences with other Wahoo devices.A couple of things. Firstly, wearing it is way more comfortable than a chest strap, so that’s a plus. I would however say that that the responsiveness to changes in HR seem a bit slower than a chest strap. Pairing it with my bike computer has been trivial and it doesn’t need to be charged very often (I have charged it once since getting it, last week I road over 170 miles using the strap and it’s still about 50% charged according to the phone app).Overall the HR ranges seem to match well what I was getting using chest straps, but I will say that on my first ride I did get weird couple of minutes where my HR dipped into the 70s, I assume an problem with it locking on (my HR was likely around 140bpm at the time). I only noticed this once.All in all this seems like a solid device, certainly preferable to a chest strap for comfort, and I hope more robust against sweat ingress than my 4 previous chest straps which all failed due to this issue.

  3. mo

    This is my 3rd optical hr monitor- used primarily for running (daily) and sometimes cycle (weekly). the Mio Link and Scosche Rhythm+ were my other two, each lasting 2 years. The Mio had the most durable strap- that stayed on when swimming- but would pick up cadence and had only an 8 hr battery. The Scosche was a bit more reliable, sometimes but seldom picking up cadence, and bands would last about 6 mos, and easily replaced. Battery life 7hrs. I’ve had this Wahoo for a few months now and it’s the smallest, most comfortable, the band- unlike prior comments, seems to be holding up well, it has yet to pick up my cadence and seems to be spot-on with my HR. And- the best part- is the (spec) 30hr of battery life. So far- my best optical HR monitor yet. Now my HR monitor will last for any Ultra race, an IM, or a 2 week vacation without bringing the charger. Nice!

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