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Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm)
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm)
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch (46mm)


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3 reviews for Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

  1. Ryan Nicholas Howe

    I have owned previously the samsung s7 edge and with it I had the samsung gear s2 smart watch. At the time I was pleased with both the phone and the watch, but not blown away by the watch. I then had switched to apple for a few years and owned the 7+ and the iPhone X along with the nike Apple Watch series 2. I enjoyed the X but I feel that it didn’t truly live up to the hype, however I did grow extremely accustomed to my Apple Watch. I decided to jump ship after reading great reviews about the S9+ and man were they right. Absolutely adore the phone, but then came the problem of needing a new watch. I decided to wait it out a few months knowing that Samsung was going to be releasing their first new watch since the s3. Best decision I’ve ever made. While I cannot speak for the S3, I can say that the galaxy watch has made me forget about my Apple Watch already. Love the features, the build screams quality and durability and its more masculine in my opinion then the Apple Watch. I did not think I was going to like the silver but I wanted the 46mm instead of the 42mm and I am glad I got it. Its stunning in person, pictures don’t do it justice you must see it to truly appreciate it. The black band was nice but not my style, so I purchased an authentic samsung s3 band in orange/red that easily hooked up to my galaxy watch. Im very pleased with Samsung. I feel that ever since the whole “battery incident” with the note a few years ago, they really stepped it up and are providing a superior product to apple. Thanks samsung for the great watch.

  2. KMichelle

    I’ve been wanting a smart watch for a while now and finally decided to pull the trigger. My biggest criterion were that it had to be reasonably sized, reasonably priced, have GPS, and be able to have offline maps. I really liked the look of the Gear S3 Frontier and the Galaxy watches (let’s be real – the new 42mm Galaxy watch in black is basically the Frontier’s little brother), and I LOVE the rotating bezel.I tried out both the S3 Frontier and the Galaxy watch and came to the following conclusions.1) Look – the style of both watches are very similar (which you can see from the product photos).2) Size – the 46mm Frontier watch is obviously larger than the 42mm Galaxy. The watch band on the Frontier is thicker and has a slightly wider style that made it look larger than it actually is. I ended up buying a smaller band similar to the style on the Galaxy to remedy this. For me, the 42mm Galaxy wins on size. The screen was only slightly smaller, but the watch as a whole was much smaller (as you can see from my comparison pictures). The thickness of the two watches is about the same.3) Rotating Bezel – I found the bezel on the Frontier was easier for me to use. It’s slightly taller than the one on the Galaxy, and the notches on the side are bigger. The Galaxy bezel fit into the face of the watch a bit more smoothly, so you have to rotate it from the top of the watch, whereas on the Frontier you can rotate it from the side or top.4) Navigation – navigation through the different widgets and apps was very intuitive on both watches. You can use the bezel or touchscreen to move through items, and the two buttons on the side to select and navigate.5) Maps – ultimately this was the item that tipped the scale in favor of the Frontier for me. There’s an app you can download called HERE WeGo which provides directions from your location to your destination. Very similar to how Google Maps works. However, it also supports an offline functionality where you can download maps of an area (state / province / etc.) so you have them available without being connected to your phone. The downside to this is that it doesn’t have a satellite or topographic view, but I tested it out locally and the trails I took were all on there. So if I go hiking somewhere and get lost, I have a general idea of where I am – I can see it on the map. When I tested HERE WeGo on the new Galaxy watch it doesn’t function unless you’re connected to the phone, because you can’t download offline maps to the Galaxy. I checked with their support team and they said they will consider it for the future (but that doesn’t help me now).Ultimately I ended up keeping the S3 Frontier and returning the Galaxy. The Galaxy won on size and waterproof rating, but I just couldn’t justify spending almost double on the Galaxy when it wouldn’t meet one of my biggest criterion (the offline maps). It’s no Suunto or Garmin or Casio, but for the price point it meets my needs as a GPS watch.

  3. Jordan

    A couple of quick notes before I get into the review:-I’m reviewing the 42mm version, which I’ve had for about 3 weeks now.-Apple vs. Samsung comparisons are overblown; both are good watches, but obviously you should match your watch to your phone-I don’t think there’s a better smartwatch available at the moment, but I’m only giving this watch 4 stars because I don’t think smartwatch technology has fully matured at this stage; I’d say there are no 5 star smartwatches at the momentBottom line: The Galaxy Watch does almost everything I was hoping for, and does it pretty well-My settings: AoD on with a simple face, brightness 3, location off, HR every 10 min, voice activation off; I use the watch whenever I’m away from home – appx 11hrs/day-With those settings and that usage pattern, I get through 2 days on a charge with a bit to spare-Reading and responding to notifications is smooth-Overall, I’d say the exercise tracking is pretty good, not great-Step counting seems accurate for walking at a reasonable pace, but inaccurate for slow walking or a mix of walking/standing (such as when moving through a museum)-I mainly use S Health for HR tracking, which works well for steady state cardio but less well for weight training. I’m not sure if it’s thrown off by rapid fluctuations in my HR, moving around a bit on wrist during exercise, or what, but it often loses track of my HR, lags behind spikes and dips, and doesn’t seem to reach true peaks-For weight lifting, S health isn’t that useful; it can’t count reps on that many exercises and doesn’t allow for custom workout design-I use an app (gymrun) that allows custom workout design; it doesn’t track HR or count reps, but you can manually enter reps and use S health (on ‘other workout’) to track HR-I was hoping that the Galaxy Watch would allow me to leave my phone in my locker at the gym, and that I’d be able to use the watch to (1) play music, (2) track my workout, and (3) connect to wifi so I can send/receive texts/emails-The good news is that the watch is capable of doing all of that with no lag – even when running music + wifi + S health continuous HR monitoring + gymrun-The bad news is that the watch can’t connect to captive portal wifi (networks that require you to visit a website and accept terms), and that the watch burns through appx 30% battery in an hour if you do all of that-The floors-climbed counter is mixed; it’s sometimes quite accurate but sometimes misses floorsStyle, comfort, and build-I’m a male of above average height, and the 42mm watch face is right size for me; there are online watch face size calculators based on wrist size – you’d have to have quite large wrists for a larger watch to look ‘appropriate’-Of course style is subjective and some prefer a larger face, but for me, 42mm is as large as I was willing to go, and the availability of a 42mm version was a huge selling point-The watch looks good overall; it’s not the world’s best looking watch but certainly something that’s well worth wearing anywhere from the gym to the office to a night out-The watch is thicker than I anticipated; from the side, it looks quite chunky-It’s very comfortable; I don’t notice it during the day, even when typing; it doesn’t get in the way while lifting weights-Build quality seems good so far – no dents or scratches, but it hasn’t seen hard knocksHardware-This is where the Galaxy Watch really shines, in 2 areas in particular: the SoC (chip that powers the watch) and the rotating bezel-I don’t think I’ll ever use a watch without a rotating bezel; it’s the best way to interact with a smartwatch by far – it allows you to navigate without blocking/smudging the screen or maneuvering both hands to spin a tiny wheel on a side button-The SoC blows away everyone but apple; wear os watches are 2+ generations behind-As a result, battery life is excellent (by current smartwatch standards) and apps run smoothlySoftware-This is most people’s biggest complaint – not so much the OS but the limited app availability-Tizen OS is actually quite intuitive, fluid, and customizable-Lack of apps does not bother me – aside from the use cases I described up top, I’d rather use my phone for any other apps anyway-But google integration is not perfect and many apps are not available; if this is something you care about, do some research about what is/is not available on the watch

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