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Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Fit


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3 reviews for Samsung Galaxy Fit

  1. Honest Reviewer

    Pros:__________• Water resistant works. I tested this in the pool and in the shower, and it’s still running. One helpful option they provided was a water lock setting in the fit. This setting prevents the screen from activating when water hits it. No issues yet.• Super lightweight and comfortable. The strap is silicone and doesn’t feel cheap.• Gorilla glass screen is a plus. When you buy something like this, it’s good to have a least some form of upgraded glass.• I love the screen. Its AMOLED brings out not only the brightness but vivid colors and deep blacks. On a sunny day, I was able to view this without any issue of glares or poor viewing angles. Very colorful and sharp, well done.• Also with better sharpness, I find it easier quickly distinguish certain datasets when I’m working out (Both cardio and weights).• Very low profile. It will not turn heads and that’s what a fitness tracker should do. You use it to work out, not to socialize.• I have small-medium size wrists, and this tracker size is small enough to hide under my shirt cuffs,• Daily use I’m happy to say it’s not a dust magnet. Both the device and the strap.• I know you can customize your strap look, but you’ll need to pay for the additional straps.• The software is very simplistic. Only one, tiny, button on the Fit, and a majority of the interaction is on the screen.• It’s insane how much you can do in this tiny thing. You can easily add and arrange widgets, using the app, and you can manage the apps that send notifications to the tracker, so you won’t get bombarded. You can even get notified if you’ve been sitting too long. What I found very impressive is that you can choose from 90 different workout sessions (no I haven’t tried them all). Not only that but when I’m doing my cardio run, the fit will automatically detect it.• I found the heart rate monitor sport on. I used the 10-minute feature instead of the consistent use in order to save battery life.• The health app overall I the same if you ever used a Fitbit or any fitness app. A lot of info, graphs, and workout history. The more info is the better.• Quick Bluetooth connectivity.• One more feature I admire is the auto –pause. This works most if you’re in the city and you have to stop and wait to cross the street. This feature will recognize when you’re stopping and going. I don’t live that deep in the city, but I can see this help to those who are.Cons and Oks:__________• You have to spend some time customizing your screen because, without the proper organization, your notifications will get cramped.• A big letdown that there is no GPS tracking.• Another big letdown there is no storage of music. I hate running with my phone, but if you want GPS and music, you have no choice.• It’s a beautiful screen, but it’s still small. Many times my data or notifications would be cut on screen, because of how long it was (which were not long in the first place).• You’re given so many features, it was a little disappointing that the watch feature is very limited. It’s very basic.• You can read larger notifications, but you’re going to be swiping forever. The goal I believe is to interact with this fit as little as possible. Issues like these, contradict it.• For me, it took some time in getting used to removing the band because of how it was locked in place.• To light up the screen you need to press the button, but overtime doing this I start wishing if I could just touch the screen to light it up. It’s a small issue that is growing to be a nuisance. But note that if you raise your hand, the screen will turn on, but not all time, especially if I’m lying in bed.• The sleep tracker is decent. Nothing really special, but I did notice a couple of times the fit began tracking my sleep before I was asleep. Laying down watching TV or reading for a decent amount of time will trick the system. But still, almost all fitness tracker do this.• Working out 4 days a week (2 cardio run, 2 Weights), each an hour long, I’m getting close to five days of battery life. I know Samsung states a week, but I think this only applies to those who just want to track basic fitness (walking, maybe a little jog, but that’s it).• No wireless charging. With Samsung’s S10 charging feature, I’ve would of expect this to fall right in, but no.Bottom Line:__________If you like to run then this may be down your alley. I admire the quality built, as it’s sturdy and light. The screen is beautiful and you’re given as much data as you want. From heart rate, sleeping, distance, calories burned, and so on, the Fit is the nail on the coffin in what it can provide.Someone who lifts weights, I found this not the best tool because if you’re not doing your training with both arms at the same time, then the accuracy of this fit will be cut in half. Even with its 90 workout programs, this fitness tracker still faces the issues that almost all trackers face in the market. Still, for the price, I’ll use it for a jog anytime (just still have to bring my phone, unfortunately)Overall: A great fitness tracker for the daily life of a runner or a basic tracker for the daily life of a person.Hope I was a help to you.Love,Honest Reviewer.

  2. Dom6393

    It’s a basic fitness tracker but accurate. It is not a smaller galaxy watch or anything like that. If you want to accurately track your workouts and that’s all, this it it. If you want to store music, respond to texts, make phone calls? This ain’t it. Spend the extra $100 on the watches. Also it works best with a Samsung phone not other android phones

  3. Evacuee

    Received this on Saturday. Today is Monday and it just will not pair with my IPhone. The manual and various YouTube videos have mentioned an app that isn’t on Apple so I’m assuming that it’s been replaced by an Galaxy Fit app that is available. Have tried everything and sent three emails to Samsung’s help line that have not been answered. Ready to give up, return it and get the Fitbit Inspire HR.It is now Thursday and I have called the Samsung Support line and the woman I spoke to was no help at all. She ended up transferring me to a “Mac tech” who turned out to be Just Answer, a paid-for site. Gave them my credit card number to get an answer. Chatted with the”Mac tech” for over an hour and never got a solution – was told the device was probably defective. Wanted to cancel my new Just Answer membership so they couldn’t keep charging my card and was left on hold because only a supervisor can cancel memberships. Will have to contact my card to block Just Answer charges. Returned the Galaxy Fit today. Wasted too much time on this.

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