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OnReal G1 1080P Mini Body Camera


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  • At amzn.to you can purchase OnReal G1 1080P Mini Body Camera for only $69.99, which is 33% less than the cost in eBay ($104.93).
  • The lowest price of OnReal G1 1080P Body Camera with Audio Wearable WiFi Action Camera Mini Video was obtained on February 21, 2020 9:54 pm.

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3 reviews for OnReal G1 1080P Mini Body Camera

  1. Robert

     Pro: Small in size. Works good with android devices.Con: Doesn’t work well with iOS devices. Doesn’t have P2P Wifi. Doesn’t come with sd card. Don’t Believe YouTube videos on this product, its not that great of a camera for $80.00.Would buy it if it was $30.00 w/sd card.

  2. Rob Lewis

    *UPDATE* 12-30-2018 OnReal Body Camera 1080PSeller contacted me after reading my original review. They sent me a replacement camera. This one works perfectly in every way. The picture is phenomenal. Still-images are great. I have no idea what was wrong with the first one but the replacement is amazing. I had read a ton of hype on how great this body cam is and now I believe it. Seriously good video and pictures. I am so glad the seller contacted me. I am only leaving my original review below because it shows that this seller takes consumer reviews very seriously and is willing to make things right. DO NOT hesitate to buy this camera. Every problem I wrote about in my original review has been fixed with the replacement camera. Thank you OnReal for being so responsive!!Original review:Does not record video. Does not take pictures. WiFi will not active. Does not take a charge. Beautiful packaging and great mounting options. Too bad it all means nothing since it doesn’t function. Oh, and will not operate while plugged into power. So you can forget about any long term surveillance monitoring or hidden security scenarios.

  3. Sean C.

     I serve papers and have for years been trying to find a low-key camera I can use that isn’t big and obvious like the police body cams, and my old trusty pair of Pivothead glasses are on their last leg and the company is kaput. I’ve bought and returned so many spycams, glass cams, hat cams, pen cams, etc I’ve lost count. They always sucked. Picture was grainy and not true HD, etc. This camera has ended my search. Here are my favorite things about it.1. Picture is full HD and clear. No night vision but that’s ok for me, usually there’s a little light present and it’s enough.2. Wifi works very well. The app is easy to use and actually works. After recording a video I can easily transfer it to my phone through the adhoc wifi. I like this because I don’t have to bring the camera or SD card in to transfer to my computer all the time, I just leave it in my car. It also keeps my card clear, so the 16GB I have in it is plenty.3. Going along with the app, you can live stream what the camera is seeing from a good distance away. I don’t have much use for this myself, but if you wanted to use this as a spy cam it’d be perfect. You can also connect it to a normal wifi and view it over your local network.4. The app has full controls over the camera and settings so no messing with time/date files on the card or any of that BS. Stamp can be turned on or off, and it’s always correct because it syncs to your phone. This is imperative to me.5. It picks up sound so well, it’s almost too good. In the app I’ve turned it down to the lowest setting because any higher than that and my voice clips when speaking. But if you needed it to pick up low level sound it’s very capable.6. Handy array of clips are provided. Magnetic, sticky, suction, and I just use the normal clip usually. Easy to attach to my shirt, coat, or a lanyard around your neck.7. So far battery life is pretty impressive. I can do a full nights work and then plug it in and leave in my car when I’m done. It will work when plugged into power until your card is full, so again pretty useful for spycam purposes.8. Small form factor, it’s obvious it’s a camera when you look at it but most people don’t really notice it. I wish there was a setting to turn off the blinking red LED when it’s recording. It’s not really necessary since the interface is so easy to use. One button turns on power and double clicks to turn on wifi. The other is a short press for a picture, long hold and audible beep to start recording, and short press with audible beep to stop recording. Very easy and intuitive.So yeah. Get it. It’s not cheap chinese ebay junk, even if the instructions are a little engrishy. This is a legit device.

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