Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch

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Diesel On Men’s Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch


Diesel On Men's Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch
Diesel On Men's Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch
Diesel On Men's Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch
Diesel On Men's Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch
Diesel On Men's Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch
Diesel On Men's Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch


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6 reviews for Mega Chief Hybrid Smartwatch

  1. wowography

    Purchased in March 2017, Some rambling observations.Overall about the watch itself, It’s true! people will comment about it. It draws attention, I’m Italian and stereotypically I wave, point and emphasize my words. Recently the police were at my house thinking I shined a laser at a helicopter. Nope, officer. just my watch face. You see this watch face casts a orangeish reflection on nearby objects sure to drive any cat or unknowing human insane. Fortunately, for cat’s everywhere I’m not a cat owner nor do I have friends so both issues luckily avoided. Time wise, it kept very good time and date (i think), Yes, that number in a 4 size font between those black bands is the date. I can’t make it out, so i’m going to give the technology credit and assume it’s correct. So far so good.About a month ago it started losing time increments, like in 15 minute clips. While it was behind in time, I was still in the present time so no, this is not an undisclosed feature. I was and am late thou, I tried to use the orange glow like in ‘Men In Black’ to flash my bosses eyes to forget I’m late, it did not work. I set the watch to the correct time often, it did not want to stay anywhere near present day, who could blame it?That brings me here. I set it last night woke up this morning it was like I never went to sleep at all. Guess it’s time for a new watch?

  2. Redfox Cotton

    Excellent under water still work. Dirty lake still works! I had this watch for 8 years never stopped working. I lost my watch so ordered another. Definitely get your money worth.

  3. kasworldwide

    I love the look of my watch, it is really classy and it does provide some hybrid functionality. Here are a couple of gotcha’s so to speak. 1. If you are middle aged like myself and your eyesight is slipping then this watch will prove to be challenging to see with out readers. It is a very classy watch and I loved wearing it around the office. I even got some compliments. But messaging and alarms and all of the “hybrid” functions prove very difficult to see. Making it essentially useless to me without putting on my cheaters. 2. The band gave out on me about 16 days in. I did not put it through workouts or biking or other vigorous activity but I went to get up out of a chair like a normal person would and the pin holding the clasp together popped. Flew off and was never found again. The clasp dropped to the ground and my watch fell off my wrist. Very disappointing quality from Diesel but I rolled with it and thought I could just find a better looking band. Which leads me to 3. It is an odd millimeter. It is a 23MM lug. That is not standard at all. This is very frustrating when trying to find a replacement band.

  4. W. J.

    This is a beautiful watch. It is heavy and well constructed. It’s true that the face is quite large, but it looks great. My only criticism is that you can barely feel it vibrate when you get a notification.

  5. Parvinderjit Singh

    The watch is beautiful and is everything I was hoping for. The only flaw I can find is that the sleep tracker is not that accurate. My previous fitness tracker was a Fitbit with heart rate monitoring and compared to the accuracy of that device, the performance of this watch is a little lackluster. My guess is this is the best they can do without a heart rate monitor. I would definitely recommend this watch to anyone looking into it.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Buen reloj, llegó con problema en la maquinaria estoy en Colombia y no me han solucionado el problema

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