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Neon Light Up Snapback Hat
EL Wire Light Up Snapback Hat



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3 reviews for Light Up Snapback Hat

  1. Sabino Garcia Ministry

    It’s okay but down sides no light in back of hat and battery pack is under inside the hat makes wearing the hat very uncomfortable!!

  2. Jonathan & Meredith

    The hat itself is a little strangely shaped and the brim is VERY flat. My boyfriend tried to take the LED mechanism off to put it on another hat that is more comfortable, but stopped because he was afraid of breaking the lights. He wore as-is, but this is definitely not something you could wear on a regular basis as it is simply not very comfortable. It is very cool, though! He enjoyed wearing it along with the other LED items I bought for him at EDC.

  3. Fanny C., from Ottawa, Canada

    Aqua blue color shows brightly day or night. The lid part is very flat and firm. You would not be able to form a curve with the lid part. But this is not such a big deal. It comes with the battery pack (takes one AAA battery) lightly glued to the inside of the cap where the top of your head is. But you would have to move it by pulling it off (there is a bit of adhesive and a velcro strip) attached to the battery pack and move this whole thing to the inside part of the cap where the temple part of your head is. Then you can stick the battery pack there (the inside part of the rim). It won’t fall out because of the inside of the rim having material that goes all around (acts like a pocket) to hold the battery pack. If you left the battery pack at the top inside part of the cap you would not be able to keep the hat on your head. Like I have read with other reviews, there is a high pitched sound when you turn on the led light. But it’s not really noticeable when you are in a room with people or on a bus out in public. It’s not that noisy. Have not really worn it outside yet. But the material is very sturdy good quality!

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